Area Spotlight: Erin Mills

As a team we're a little biased, but right now we think West Erin Mills is a great area in Mississauga to live in. 26 years ago our family home was on Chartrand Crescent (just off HWY 403 and Winston Churchill). Simon and I grew up playing on bendy tree lined streets, went to the local school and enjoyed family bike rides through the Pheasant Run trails. Check out the map below to see the area we're are talking about. 

26 years later the area is now in transition. The kids we grew up have grown up and moved away from home and our former elementary school Ashgrove actually had to close because of a shortage students. However a new trend is emerging as homeowners our parents' age are starting to downsize out of the area and young families are making their way back in to enjoy the maturity of the neighbourhood, the excellent amenities and the wider lots and style of homes you can get for mid range prices. We just sold our clients' home in the neighbourhood and we can honestly say with 11 offers on the home (and with other homes in the area going quickly as well), buyers agree, West Erin Mills is a desirable place to be. Read some more information about the area below. 

Style of Homes:

The majority of homes in the area are single family detached homes with wider lots than what you might see in newer neighboorhoods like Churchill Meadows. There are a variety of single car garage homes mixed with double car garage homes and the majority are 2-storey with brick exteriors.  The homes in this particular area were all built approximately 25-30 years ago. 

Price Range:

Depending on the size, style and finishes as well as the exact location (there is a pocket in the central west part of West Erin Mills where the values tend to be lower) the homes vary in price from $450,000 to $900,000 +. The average sale price from January 1st 2013 until now is $613,644. 

Area Amenities:

Just off the 403 sits the newly constructed luxury family fitness center Lifetime which features an outdoor pool, rock climbing wall and indoor lap pools. With two of our family members as active Lifetime members we can speak confidently when we say the gym is a huge draw to the area. 

The area is minutes to HWY 403, 407, QEW and Clarkson and Erindale GO Stations and has several parks closeby.


Loyola Catholic Secondary School was recently relocated and rebuilt at the West edge of the area. Garthwood Elementary school sits at the south part of the area while high school aged students in the public school system are bused to either Clarkson Secondary School (where Simon went) or if your child is in the enhanced learning program or french immersion they can attend Lorne Park Secondary School (where I attended) one of the most esteemed high schools in the Ontario. 

Check out the video tour of the home we recently sold in the area: 

If you're thinking about making a move, call us today and whether it's Erin Mills or another area in the GTA we can help you and your family find the right area that will work for your budget and needs. 

Enjoy the weekend and the warmer weather (fingers crossed it will stay this time!!), 



Making your home Eco Friendly

Yesterday we were introduced to Scotiabank's new website for making your home Eco-Friendly. It's an interesting and interactive site that gives information on home renos, how to cut down energy bills and the most effective ways to make your home "green". Check it out:



Just Listed: 3151 Valcourt Crescent Video Tour

Check out our newest listing on our Featured Listings page here: 

Also, we've started offering our clients our new video walk through tours of their property to showcase it's best features to those searching for homes online. See our new video tour walk through by clicking the photo below!



Have a lovely weekend!

First Time Home Buyer Seminar

Are you thinking about getting into the real estate market as a home owner or investor for the first time? Or do you know of anyone looking to purchase their first home? We would be grateful if you passed along the invitation! 

Topics we'll be discussing at this First Time Home Buyer Seminar:

- The costs of home ownership vs. renting
- How to get started in the home buying process
- The process finding and purchasing your first home
- What your money buys you in different areas
- Hot spots to buy in

We'll have our mortgage specialist from Scotiabank on hand to explain the mortgage process and answer any questions and you'll also receive some information packages to help explain the Agreement of Purchase and Sale, a breakdown of closing costs and an overview of the process of buying your first home. AND it'll be in a fun and non-threatening environment.

Don't worry there's nothing for sale and there's no commitment, this is an educational event to demystify the buying process for our friends and their friends. Join us to figure out how to start building your wealth.

The event is limited to 30 seats so please RSVP to the link below by February 23rd.

Just Listed: 1355 Rathburn Rd. E #31

Today we're excited about our newest listing in Rathwood close to the Mississauga and Etobicoke border priced at $499,900. Boasting 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a spacious floor plan with finished basement this executive townhome won't last long!

Visit our Featured Listings page to view the full listing by clicking here. 

See the video tour by clicking here.

Call us today if you know anyone who wants to buy or sell in the area!

Look what we did on Sunday

Settlers of Catan is trending.

On Sunday January 26th, 2014 Simon organized the 1st Tham Team sponsored Toronto Settlers of Catan Invitational (we know, we're big nerds!). Simon has been obsessed with the game for the last two years and recently got me into playing. He invited his core group of fellow Settlers friends, they invited their friends and it turned into a fantastic day of good company, food and fun. We'd like to say thanks to friends for participating, Sean Monaghan for providing an awesome first place prize (custom designed Reebok shoes) and Krishi Jeyarajan for hosting the event, making the best bracket in the world and for being equally into the game as Simon. 

Interested in attending the next tournament in a few months? Send Simon a message at and we'll add you to the list. 


See some of the pictures of the event below. 




The Winner!


Churchill Meadows is hot!

First of all Happy New Year everyone! Our family hopes you have a happy and healthy 2014!

It may be absolutely freezing outside but the real estate market in some areas is still pretty hot. Churchill Meadows is one of those areas, check out the photo below to see of the recent stats on a few of the northwest streets in the area where we recently sold several homes.

Please call us if you or anyone you know if thinking of buying or selling in the area. 

Stay warm!





First Time Buyer Series: Before Closing Day

Congratulations on purchasing your first home! We’ve put this together to help you figure out what you need to do before your closing day. 
What happens on the closing day? A few days before the closing day, your lawyer will meet with you and go over all the documents such as the statement of adjustments (a document that details adjustments to the purchase price based on bills/taxes paid in advance or owing by the seller). On the closing day, your lawyer will have all the details for your financing from your bank and will transfer funds  to pay for the remaining amount owed on the property (your purchase price minus your deposit check). Once this is done and the title of the property has been transferred into your name, you will get a call from your lawyer’s office to go sign documents and pick up the keys to your new home! This can take varying amounts of time depending on a few things so you might have to be patient, however this will absolutely happen no later than 6pm on the date of your closing. 
How can I prepare for my closing day? There are several things to do before your closing day:
1. Hire a moving truck.  
Just remember you may not get access to your home until 6pm on the day of closing so you might have to be flexible with your truck rental.
2. Arrange to have the bills transferred into your name.
The seller will ensure that they cancel all of their services and so they can  then be set up in your name. Sometimes you may need to call a technician to come and set up in your home for things like cable- we recommend calling a week or two before your closing to ensure you get an appointment. If you have just purchased a condo, your maintenance fees may cover some of these costs and you may not need to set up utility accounts. We have provided some of the main services and phone numbers you may need to call below (these may vary depending on your city):
a. Heat- Enbridge Gas: 1-877-ENBRIDGE (362-7434)
b. Water- Peel Water:   905-791-8711  
    Halton Water: 905-825-6000 
    Toronto Water: 416-338-4829
c. Hydro- EnerSource: 905-273-7425 (for Mississauga) 
d. Cable/Internet/Home Phone- Rogers Cable: 1-866-210-4059  
    Bell: 1 888 759-3474 Cogeco: 1-855-404-0005
3. Put aside money for closing costs.
Usually it is recommended that you put aside 1.5-3% of your purchasing price for closing costs (usually it will be on the higher end if you are purchasing in Toronto). These include adjustments for utilities, lawyer fees and land transfer tax. In Ontario, every time you purchase a property you must pay land transfer tax on closing. In Toronto you must pay both the Ontario tax and a Toronto land transfer tax. First time buyers receive a rebate on their tax up to $2000 and your lawyer can arrange for this rebate to be transferred back to you on closing. You can also receive a rebate for the Toronto tax if your first home is purchased in Toronto. To find out exactly how much you will owe, check out our land transfer tax calculator at
4. Arrange Home Owner's Insurance
Whenever you get a mortgage, your lender will always require proof  that you have acquired a home insurance policy. If you are purchasing a condo sometimes the fire insurance included in your maintenance fees is enough to satify this requirement, however it is recommended you get both even if this is the case. You can usually get a package deal with your auto insurance or you may be able to get home insurance through your bank. The cost will depend on the size of your home but as an example a home in the price range of $500,000 will be in the ballpark for $50-$75 per month. 
5. Wait to buy big ticket items.
Avoid purchasing new furniture or appliances on credit until after you have moved in as this can affect your credit score and potentially affect your ability to get your mortgage on closing day. 
For more information contact Melanie at