You will immediately feel at ease with Simon, due to his outgoing and friendly personality, you will also recognize immediately, that he has a genuine interest and concerrn in how he can help you and most effectively address your wants and needs.
Simon is newly arrived back from being in New York City for five years, where he was working as a model and was fortunate to work for top designers around the world. It was an experience which has allowed him to be very confident and determined in a competitive business, and bring those life skills to the real estate world to negotiate on your behalf.
Charity involvement has played a part in Simon's life and he has been involved with the non-profit organization "Assisting Children in Need" for the past three years. He has travelled to both Tanzania and Uganda to assist in raising awareness and funds for this worthy cause.
To contact Simon directly email him at or have him paged through the office at 905-278-8866.
Simon in a shoot for Saks Fifth Avenue. 
Simon working with ACN in Africa.